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Obastra - Discography (2014-2017)

Progressive Death Metal  Metalcore / Deathcore
Today at 17:37:18

RATING: 10 / 1
Comments: 0
Views: 102

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Obastra - Discography (2014-2017)Artist: ObastraAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2014 - 2017Country: United States (Livermore, California)Style: Progressive Death Metal, DeathcoreLabel: Castle Ultimate studiosSite: 01:59:20File Format: MP3Quality: 128-320 kbps

Chris Trapper - Discography (2002-2015)

Folk  Soft rock
Today at 13:32:46

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 0
Views: 165

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Chris Trapper - Discography (2002-2015)Artist: Chris TrapperAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2002-2015Country: Buffalo, New York, United StatesStyle: Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Soft rockSite: www.christrapper.comDuration: 06:57:26File Format: MP3Quality: 192-320 kbps
Chris Trapper (born March 31, 1971 in Buffalo, New York) is a musician based in Boston, Massachusetts, best known as the lead singer of The Push Stars. With The Push Stars, Trapper has written material for four studio albums and three self-produced discs. Several of his songs have been picked up for major motion picture soundtracks including There's Something About Mary and Say It Isn't So and for television shows such as Pepper Dennis, ER, and Malcolm in the Middle. He earned a SOCAN award for...

The Incredible String Band - Collection (1966-2008)

Folk  Progressive Rock
Today at 12:56:52

RATING: 10 / 3
Comments: 2
Views: 319

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The Incredible String Band - Collection (1966-2008)Artist: The Incredible String BandAlbum / Title: CollectionRelease year / Date: 1966-2008Country: Edinburgh, ScotlandStyle: Psychedelic Folk, Prog Folk, British Folk RockDuration: 21:08:44File Format: MP3Quality: 192-320 kbps
The Incredible String Band (sometimes abbreviated as ISB) were a psychedelic folk band formed by Clive Palmer, Robin Williamson and Mike Heron in Scotland in 1966. The band built a considerable following, especially within the British counterculture, notably with their albums The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, and Wee Tam and the Big Huge. They became pioneers in psychedelic folk and, through integrating a wide variety of traditional music forms and instruments...

David Gogo - Collection (6 albums) (lossless, 1997 - 2013)

Today at 12:36:53

RATING: 10 / 5
Comments: 1
Views: 333

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David Gogo - Collection (6 albums) (lossless, 1997 - 2013)Artist: David GogoAlbum / Title: Collection (6 albums)Release year / Date: 1997 - 2013Country: CanadaStyle: Blues RockLabel: Cordova Bay / DixieFrogSite: davidgogo.comDuration: 04:24:38File Format: FLAC, (tracks + .cue)Quality: Lossless
Один из самых трудолюбивых и самых плодовитых блюзовых гитаристов-виртуозов Канады, Дэвид Гого собрал во всем мире целую армию поклонников и внушительный список достижений. Он заработал четыре JUNO номинации, в 2012 году Music Award Западной Канады за Blues запись года, на CBC вручили престижную премию "Великому канадскому блюзмену за вклад в блюз Канады", и дважды был назван Maple Blues Гитаристом Года. Он играл на одной сцене с Джонни Винтер, Отис Раш, Альберт Коллинз и Бо Диддли и Джорджем Thorogood...

Ulrich Ellison And Tribe - Collection (4 Albums) (2013-2017)

Hard Rock  Blues  Other Rock
Today at 12:17:07

RATING: 9.57 / 21
Comments: 4
Views: 3270

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Ulrich Ellison And Tribe - Collection (4 Albums) (2013-2017)Artist: Ulrich Ellison And TribeAlbum / Title: Collection (4 Albums)Release year / Date: 2013-2017Country: USA (Austin, TX)Style: Hard Rock, Blues RockSite: ulrichellison.comDuration: 03:51:31File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

Amon Ra - Discography (1998-2015)

Progressive Rock
Today at 11:38:17

RATING: 9 / 4
Comments: 2
Views: 287

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Amon Ra - Discography (1998-2015)Artist: Amon RaAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 1998-2015Country: GermanyStyle: Progressive RockDuration: 02:25:49File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

The Emerald Dawn - Discography (2014-2017)

Progressive Rock  Fusion
Today at 11:22:35

RATING: 10 / 4
Comments: 2
Views: 331

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The Emerald Dawn - Discography (2014-2017)Artist: The Emerald DawnAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2014-2017Country: United KingdomStyle: Progressive Rock, FusionDuration: 01:29:21File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

Rare Earth - Collection (lossless, 1969-2015)

Classic Rock  Psychedelic Rock  Blues  Soul
Today at 10:57:00

RATING: 10 / 5
Comments: 3
Views: 519

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Rare Earth - Collection (lossless, 1969-2015)Artist: Rare EarthAlbum / Title: CollectionRelease year / Date: 1969-2015Country: United StatesStyle: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Soul, Blue-Eyed SoulLabel: Motown Records / Culture Factory / Fruit Gum / PolygramSite: rareearth.comDuration: Specified in the descriptionFile Format: FLAC, (image + .cue) / (tracks + .cue)Quality: Lossless
Rare Earth («Редкоземельные элементы») — американская рок-группа, образовавшаяся в 1968 году в Детройте, Мичиган, исполнявшая фанк-рок с элементами музыки соул, и ставшая первой «белой» группой, получившей контракт с лейблом Motown Records, который создал филиал Rare Earth Records, названный в её честь. Пик популярности Rare Earth пришёлся на 1970—1972 годы, когда четыре альбома группы входили в первую «тридцатку» списков «Биллборда», а в первую десятку Billboard Hot 100 поднимались синглы «(I Know...

Joe Perry (The Joe Perry Project) - Discography (1980-2018)

Hard Rock
Today at 09:59:30

RATING: 10 / 13
Comments: 6
Views: 2572

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Joe Perry (The Joe Perry Project) - Discography (1980-2018)Artist: Joe Perry (The Joe Perry Project)Album / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 1980-2018Country: USAStyle: Hard Rock, Heavy Blues Rock ,Classic Rock, RockSite: joeperry.comDuration: 05:43:28File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps
Joe Perry - американский гитарист и автор песен. Известен как основатель и участник группы Aerosmith. Журнал Rolling Stone поместил его на 48 позицию в списке 100 величайших гитаристов всех времён.

Black Moor - Discography (2009-2016)

Heavy Metal  Speed Metal
Yesterday at 23:22:38

RATING: 10 / 4
Comments: 2
Views: 319

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Black Moor - Discography (2009-2016)Artist: Black MoorAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2009-2016Country: Canada (Dartmouth)Style: Heavy Metal, Speed MetalDuration: 02:18:47File Format: MP3Quality: 128-320 kbps
Black Moor is a Halifax based heavy metal band composed of Eric Hanlin on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Jones on lead guitar, Sylvain Coderre on drums and Rob Nickerson on bass. These four started jamming together under the name Black Moor in late 2005, and since then have worked towards refining their sound and promoting the band. Heavily influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal, 80's thrash and some progressive rock, Black Moor plays melody driven metal that has often been likened to...

Witchcryer - Discography (2016-2017)

Heavy Metal  Doom Metal
Yesterday at 22:40:49

RATING: 10 / 4
Comments: 1
Views: 305

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Witchcryer - Discography (2016-2017)Artist: WitchcryerAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2016-2017Country: USA (Austin, TX)Style: Heavy Metal, Doom MetalDuration: 00:49:36File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

Crimson Day - Discography (2015-2018)

Heavy Metal
Yesterday at 22:09:26

RATING: 10 / 6
Comments: 3
Views: 423

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Crimson Day - Discography (2015-2018)Artist: Crimson DayAlbum / Title: DiscographyRelease year / Date: 2015-2018Country: Finland (Tampere)Style: Heavy MetalSite: www.crimsonday.comDuration: 01:50:40File Format: MP3Quality: 320 kbps

Month's music

Joe Satriani - Discography (39 Releases) (1986-2018)Joe Satriani - Discography (39 Releases) (1986-2018) Progressive Rock  Hard Rock  Instrumental
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Helloween - Discography (1985 - 2017)Helloween - Discography (1985 - 2017) Power Metal  Heavy Metal

New music

Temnein - White Stained Inferno (2017)Temnein - White Stained Inferno (2017) Progressive Death Metal  Death Metal
Lotus - Lotus (2017)Lotus - Lotus (2017) Progressive Death Metal  Metalcore / Deathcore
Obastra - Discography (2014-2017)Obastra - Discography (2014-2017) Progressive Death Metal  Metalcore / Deathcore


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